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Safety Management Systems

We bring strategic, technical, communications and training experience to SMS.

BFAi offers scalable services for any phase of the SMS lifecycle - from development to implementation and maintenance. Our 3-step SMS approach delivers a context-sensitive and fully operational SMS to meet the current and future needs of an organization.

Step 1: Identify Gaps

Our process begins by building an understanding of the organization and its current approach to SMS essentials.​ The output of this review is a gap analysis matrix with recommendations on how an organization can evolve its SMS.

Step 2: Adapt to Context

The next phase examines an organization’s internal and external contexts. Insight into an organization's context will enable BFAi to define the breadth of the current SMS and adapt the essential SMS elements of Annex 19 to the organization's needs and capabilities. 


Step 3: Build Capacity

To ensure long-term success, BFAi provides coaching, training, and tools as well as a longer-term relationship for technical analysis, support and coaching for decision making after the initial project is complete.

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