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Our Team

We draw on our network of experts from all critical areas of civil aviation

to custom-build a team to meet the unique needs of every project. 


Bryce Fisher

President and CEO

  • 40 years experience as a consultant, regulator, accident investigator, air traffic controller, trainer, and a professional pilot.

  • Worked for state agencies, airlines, and consultancies on four continents, including the Middle East, as well as the Caribbean.

  • Developed the framework and program for the regulatory and safety oversight of Canadian air navigation service providers in the early 2000's. This ground-breaking work established safety management systems, risk management, human factors and partnerships as the cornerstones of Transport Canada’s approach.

  • Published in various industry journals, including the ICAO Journal. Broadcast media expert on aviation incidents.


Carolin McRae

Communications Advisor and Project Manager

  • Seasoned communications professional.

  • Skilled in adapting technically complex information into easy-to-understand language.

  • 25 years experience in project management.


Associate and Partner Network

  • We custom-build our team with experts to meet the needs of every project.​

  • Our network of associates includes aviation experts in air navigation systems, safety management, human factors, accident investigation, regulatory design, training and program development. 

  • Our partner network brings full service consulting in areas of finance, environmental design, engineering, human relations, government/stakeholder/public relations, performance measurement and IT. ​

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